An affordable solution for instructors with small to large groups of students.

ACTAR D-fib features a closeable airway and is designed to facilitate jaw thrust.

The chest rises and falls, but only if the rescuer achieves a patent airway.

With ACTAR D-fib you save time and hassle: no bleach soaking required and disinfection between users isn't necessary.

ACTAR D-fib's disposable lung doubles as a face shield / barrier.
ACTAR D-fib landmarks include navel, nipples, xiphoid process, Adam's apple and carotid artery crease.

Fully modelled upper body accommodates automated external defibrillation (AED) training electrode pads.

ACTAR D-fib can be used for both child and adult compressions. No pistons, no elastics.
ACTAR D-fib manikins are entirely recyclable. No PVC

ACTAR is Canada's No. 1 CPR and AED training system. Instructors across Canada depend on ACTAR products for teaching multiple candidates simultaneously and cost effectively. ACTAR products are lightweight and come in convenient carry bags that are easy to transport.

They are easy to clean and require little maintenance. ACTAR products are also backed by a complete line of accessories and replacement parts to keep your systems training-ready as they age or when you need to restock.


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